[Album Review] BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.1

[Album Review] BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 (화양연화 pt.1) 

Rate 1-10: 10

# of tracks: 9

Favorite track(s) from album: Intro: 花樣年華 / 화양연화, I Need U, Sick/Dope (쩔어), Fun Boys (흥탄소년단), Outro: Love Is Not Over

Track #1 – Intro: 花樣年華 / 화양연화


Rate: 10

Review: The intro is definitely one of my favorite songs from this album! When it was first released, I fell in love. Suga’s voice and rap delivering was so amazing! He finally got to rap for the intro, and I couldn’t be any happier. The lyrics to this song is just so soulful. It’s his story! His personal story about his life. We all know that Suga seems like this cold person, but he’s honestly so sweet and so charismatic. His flow and style is super swag! I love this song. It gives me the feels. It hits your soul when you continuously listen to it. Once again, it’s a song that gives a lot of inspiration and thoughts about life.

Track #2 – I Need U

Rate: 10

Review: What can I say about this song? I loved it. It made me cry. The music video and song was just so overwhelming. This song is so beautiful. Although, this is a love song when you watch the music video it tells a different story. It tells a story about all the dark things that can happen in someone’s youth. With drugs, stress, anxiety, heartbreaks, and etc., you can always overcome it with the help of friends, family, and love from those close to you. This song hits my soul a lot of times. Definitely one of the best song of the year so far! That’s why it won #1 five times! There’s nothing else to really say because the song says it all.

Track #3 – Hold Me Tight 

Rate: 8

Review: This song is beautiful, but it’s not one of my favorite songs in the album. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just not much of a song I would continuously listen to. I’m really proud of V for producing this song though! He did an amazing job, and I hope in the future he can show us more of what he can do. I loved Suga’s voice in this song. Like, he was almost singing. I died. I loved all their voices in this song because it shows that besides their tough image look they have a soft and gentle side too that can attract a lot of fan girls. V definitely fits in these types of songs more.

(Skipping track #4 because that is a skit.) 

Track #5 – 쩔어 (Dope/Sick) 

Rate: 10

Review: Honestly, come on now, this should be their anthem song. It is so DOPE! I loved it the moment I first heard it. The beat was so amazing and hardcore. I told myself I was going to make a dance to this song, but guess what they already have a dance now. The dance is really fast though, and I’m slow at learning it, but I’ll keep trying. Anyways, the song is amazing! The lyrics really tells us that BTS is definitely dope! The music video was dope. All the different kind of career outfits they all were wearing was a genius and creative idea, although they said themselves it had no meaning. The music video was directed amazingly. The got the main point of the dance and it made them look so cool and dope!

Track #6 – Fun Boys (흥탄소년단)

Rate: 10

Review: From the moment when fans in Korea uploaded audios of this song from their BTS Begins concert, I fell in love. This song was produced by Suga too! Even more awesome! I loved Suga’s producing skills, like have you heard his music? It’s amazing! This song is so much fun when you listen to it, just like the title. It puts you into the groove. It’s a super fun and cool song. I love it!

Track #7 – Converse High 

Rate: 7

Review: This song is so cheesy, because it’s based off of Namjoon’s ideal type. This is an okay song. I don’t like it very much, but it’s still enjoyable to listen to once in a while. I like the dance to it though.

Track #8 – Move 

Rate: 8

Review: I love this song! It’s also not a song I listen to a lot, but it’s a really touching song. They finally moved to a new dorm! I’m so proud of them on how much they achieved since their debut in 2013. It’s very touching seeing them grow every comeback and in general every day. The rap line lyrics are very emotional and touching, and with the vocal line’s voices in this song too, it’s just a beautiful combination.

Track #9 – Outro: Love Is Not Over

Rate: 10

Review: I am very Jungkook biased, but I really loved this song. It’s so beautiful. The fact that Jungkook produced it, makes me really happy and proud of him. He produced his first song, and a lot of people love it so much. It’s a lovely song, and the piano sounded so beautiful along with the powerful change of the beat when the chorus came on. Overall, I think everything matched very beautifully. The vocal line is always slaying, so there’s not much to say about how the song was sung.

I loved this album! Definitely one of my favorite k-pop albums this year. 🙂 


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