Favorite Debut Groups of 2015

Today’s post will be about my favorite debut groups of 2015. I know it’s not the end of 2015 yet, but there are so many good and amazing new groups out there today, and I would just like to share my favorites so far this year.

Boy Groups 


I think Monsta X had one of the strongest and fiercest debut concept. They are a hip-hop boy group, and I loved their debut song. “Trespass” was definitely one of my favorite songs in the month of May. The whole album, however was amazing as well. I watched No.Mercy when it aired, and I legit cried tears in some episodes when some of my favorites were eliminated. Although, there are about 2 or 3 members that I wanted in the group that didn’t really make it, I still love them and the members that are in this group. I cannot wait for their comeback on September 7th, so I hope they can “wow” me again with this next song of theirs.


Now, some may think that there are 17 members because of the group name, but that’s not the case, despite the fact that they were going to be a group with 17 members. I loved the fresh and cute concept of SEVENTEEN’s debut! “Adore U” was definitely an adorable song. It was so funky and so enjoyable. The whole album is amazing, and the fact that Woozi helped produced it, even amazes me more. “Adore U” was also one of my favorite songs in the month of May, and today I still listen to it. There’s only 13 members in this group, but it’s so hard to just chose one favorite member in the group. They all are so talented and adorable, but so far Wonwoo has been climbing up my bias list. I can’t wait for what they have to show us next!

Girl Groups 

  • CLC

Honestly, I wasn’t all that interested in CLC’s debut, I don’t know why, but when their music video came out I took a look at it, and I loved it! The song was amazing, and their vocals are so beautiful! I loved this cute yet not too cute concept from them. It gave a fresh and youthful vibe. “Pepe” was one of my favorite songs in March. Their live singing impressed me, and mainly something about Seungyeon’s vocals made me fall for her. When they came back with “Like”, I didn’t like it that much. Something about Yeeun’s voice in the beginning came off weird for me, so I didn’t listen to the entire song, but after a while I gave it another shot, and I sort of like it now. Well, the chorus I like. The rest of the song is meh. I hope they can do a bit better next comeback, but I’m always still here to support them.

  • The Ark

There’s something in me that are so jealous of these girls. They are seriously talented. A lot of people boast about them, on how they dance to boy groups songs, and I do the same too. They are so awesome at doing boy group dances. When I checked out BTS reaction video of them dancing to “Boy In Luv”, I was definitely jealous and amazed. They were so powerful and had this very cool look to them. Now when they debuted, I was really hoping for a powerful debut song, but they didn’t really deliver that. Their debut song, “The Light”, came out as a much smoother yet beautiful song. The meaning of the song is powerful though! I loved it! The music video made me cry tears. It broke my heart and healed my soul. I hope their next comeback will be powerful like how they dance to those boy groups songs.

That is all for this post. These are my favorite debut groups so far of 2015. I know there are many more groups, but these groups impressed me the most. Some groups came out too not my taste that didn’t directly made me attracted to them, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t check them out in the future. I hope when they make a comeback, it will appeal to me more than their debut concept.


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