[Comeback Review] – SEVENTEEN & MONSTA X

It’s the battle of the rookie boy bands as Seventeen and Monsta X both made a comeback this month! I love both group, and I loved both comebacks, but I do favor one more than the other.

But let’s share some thoughts and feelings, shall we?

First up, Monsta X. 

Monsta X, once again, released another powerful and fierce song this year. Their comeback song is called, “Rush”, and I like it! I don’t particularly love it because I felt as something was missing in the song. I like it, but don’t love it as much as I did with “Trespass”. Now, however, I definitely loved the songs in their album! “Hero” is my new national anthem. It’s so amazing! The beat went so hard, and I literally fell in love. I also loved the much slower songs they had that really brings out their vocal skills. Overall, I enjoyed this comeback. I don’t particularly think it’s really outstanding as much as their debut concept, but I still like it.

Next is Seventeen. 

Now I definitely enjoyed this comeback! I love it! “Mansae” is such a groovy and fun song, and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s so good! The whole album is definitely the best! “OMG” is my new jam. It’s so a intense and rocking song, and I just can’t with it. It makes me want to dance around so much. I loved this comeback. I think they killed it. Their comeback stage was seriously fun to watch and I’m so proud of them. I hope they can win #1 with this song and album because it’s definitely one of the best this year!

Overall, I loved both comebacks, but I enjoyed Seventeen’s a bit more. I really hope these two groups wins a rookie of the year award because of all the work they have put out there this year, it’s amazing and they definitely deserve it. Good Luck Seventeen and Monsta X!


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