[Song Review] Day6 – Congratulations

[Song Review] Day6 – Congratulations 

JYP has debut another boy group, and they’re named Day6! Day6 is a newly debuted boy band from JYP entertainment. They made their official debut on September 7, 2015 with their debut song, “Congratulations”, and debut mini album, “The Day”. 

Their debut was definitely outstanding! These boys were on YG’s survival show “WIN”, and when they appeared on a special episode with YG vs. JYP, I was surprising thinking that maybe some of these boys were going to be in GOT7, but I’m so dumb not really paying attention that they played instruments and were just a vocal group. Their vocals are amazing though! After 6 days after their debut, I finally got the chance to check them out, and I was surprised by their performance. They have amazing skills. Jae’s voice definitely caught my eyes when I first heard the song. It was so smooth and soft. I fell in love. The song in general is just mind-blowing. I loved it! I checked out the album afterwards, and it was also very good. Along with “Congratulations”, I also like “Colors”. They’re songs are so smooth yet beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what more they can do in the future. 


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