[Theory] BTS 화양연화 on stage : prologue

A lot of people have many different theories about what could be going on with BTS in their 화양연화 era. Two weeks ago, they have released a video on a prologue to I Need U. When watching this prologue, I literally cried because it told such a confusing and beautiful story. We don’t know what’s going on and what’s going to happen, but all these theories have our eyes bawling from left to right. I’ve been thinking a lot about what could be going on too, so here is my theory on what is happening to BTS in this prologue.

But before I start, let me recap what I think happened in their music video for “I Need U”.

  • I think that in “I Need U” everyone survived but Jungkook and Suga.
  • Suga died when he was in the room and set himself on fire.
  • Jungkook died when the car was coming towards him, and he got ran over.
  • Jimin survived drowning because he was out of the bathtub towards the end of the music video.
  • J-Hope woke up after falling asleep in the middle of the streets.
  • Rap Monster dropped his cigarette but nothing happened.
  • Taehyung ran away after killing his father.
  • Jin is mourning his friends.
  • Now, I don’t know if Jin is mourning for all of them or just Suga and Jungkook.
  • Jin’s role in this whole era is a bit confusing.
  • So basically, Suga and Jungkook died, and the rest survived. Taehyung ran away which starts the beginning of the prologue video.

And with that recap, let’s start with the prologue video.

In the beginning, we can see Taehyung sitting somewhere unknown crying to himself. He cleans off the blood from his hands with a bottle of water, and then dials a number on his phone, and says, “Hyung, I want to see you.”

Now, what I think he means by saying this is that, he wants to see his friends as he just shockingly killed his father not knowing what to do.

I think that all the scenes we see them together, it’s either that it’s all in Jin’s head, because we know for sure Jin is the only member really alive. All of this could be in Jin’s head, and he’s dreaming that they are all there with him, having good times like how they used to when they were still alive.

Why I think that is because at the very end of the video, Jin is all alone in the car. He remembers taking a photo with him and Suga, but when he takes out the photo he looks at it and only sees his face as he expected the photo should of also had Suga in it, but really it didn’t. So this kind of gave me the idea that it was all in Jin’s head, and that they are not really there with him.

Or another theory I have is that Jin and Taehyung are the only members alive, and it’s all in their heads too. Taehyung is probably dreaming that the rest of the boys are their with him and Jin as they re-live all the memories they had with each other.

Why I think that is because at the end of the video, Taehyung climbs up to the metal thing, and jumps off into the water, symbolizing that it could of been how he died.

Why I think Suga and Jungkook died is because throughout the whole video, they are mostly seen together a lot. When Jungkook sat on the pier alone, Suga came by him, and it looked like he was comforting him and telling him not to worry because they are together.

Overall, I think that all of this is in Jin’s head. Everyone died, and Jin was all alone the whole time.

But who know’s since 화양연화 pt.2 comes out in October, so we will have to wait and see how the story continues.


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