[Comeback Review] CNBlue & Red Velvet

This month has definitely been the month of comebacks as CNBlue and Red Velvet have returned! 

CNBlue 2nd Studio Album – 2gether 

CNBlue has finally returned as a band after almost 2 year long hiatus. Their new 2nd studio album titled, “2gether” consists of 11 songs. Their title track, “Cinderella” is definitely astounding! It’s so crazy, amazing! I definitely miss the kind of more rock concepts of CNBlue songs. “Cinderella” definitely delivered that after so long. The song is so good. I checked out their album, and it’s also really good. Some of their songs on the album could of definitely been their title songs too. All of it was amazing and I wish them the best on this comeback.

Red Velvet 1st Full Album – The Red 

Red Velvet has returned this month with their 1st full album, “The Red”! Now, I definitely am in love with “Dumb Dumb”, which is the title track they are promoting. It’s such a groovy and pop song. The dance to this is also amazing. I like the creative use of the slap bands in their dance. It must of been do hard to practice with those slap bands, but they definitely worked this comeback! I love it! Irene is so beautiful and outstanding, and she is killing it in her rap verses. Seulgi is looking astounding and singing beautiful and on point. Wendy seems to be shining so much in this comeback, but she is definitely shining to me. Her vocals are so good! Joy is doing an outstanding job with those adlibs. Yeri is definitely shining in this comeback. “Dumb Dumb” is definitely another good song Red Velvet has come out with this year. I wish for them the best with this comeback, but I mean come on, they have already been winning 5 times with this songs, and I’m proud.

That is all for today’s post!


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