[Album Review] Seventeen – Boys Be

[Album Review] Seventeen 2nd EP – Boys Be 

Rate 1-10: 10

# of tracks: 5

Favorite track(s) from album: Mansae (만세), OMG, Rock

Track #1 – 표정관리 (Fronting) 

Rate: 8

Review: This is the first track from Seventeen’s new album, and I like it. I don’t particularly love it, but it’s still a good song to listen too once in a while. This is the hip-hop team song, but it wasn’t too hip-hop, so that’s why I don’t love it as much as I thought I would of. Like in their debut album, “Ah Yeah” was definitely hip-hop, and I definitely loved it! With “Fronting”, it’s an okay song. I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s still a great song though. The melody is nice and with the help of Woozi’s and Hoshi’s vocals, it fits into the song perfectly. I still love the hip-hop team though, and I hope in the future they will release more hip-hop tracks in their albums.

Track #2 – 만세 (Mansae)

Rate: 10

Review: I love this song so much! It’s such another groovy and amazing song by Seventeen! I want to thank Woozi for some awesome producing skills. He, once again, produced another amazing title track for Seventeen. This song is so fun. I love the meaning of the song and I love the music video. It was absolutely fun and cute to watch. The dance is mind-blowing! It looks so difficult to do, but then again, it looks so fun too!

I think they did an amazing job with this comeback! They were so close to winning #1 on music shows, but there will always be a next time. Good luck Seventeen!

*mansae = hurray (in korean) 

Track #3 – 어른이 되면 (When I Grow Up)

Rate: 9

Review: I like this song. It’s smooth and calming. This is the vocal team song and they will always be good with their songs. Their voices are so beautiful. It’s a bit different from, “20”, but I still like it. I don’t love it as much as “20” but it’s something new yet nice to hear.

Track #4 – OMG 

Rate: 10

Review: This song may just be my national anthem. It’s such a cool song! I love it so much! It is one of my favorite tracks from this album, and I cannot stop listening to it. The moment, I heard it, it just blew me away. What I didn’t know is that this song was from their “Seventeen Project” TV reality show, when Dino, S.Coups, and Woozi performed as a team. It so amazing! The beat and just the music of this song makes you want to jump and dance around so much. I love these type of songs. This song describes my life. I love it too much. Performance team has some of the best songs. I loved “Jam Jam”, and I loved the choreograph to it. It was just so awesome. Everything was so well performed. I cannot wait for a performance of “OMG”. Performance team you did good.

Track #5 – Rock 

Rate: 9

Review: I think this is also another amazing song from the album. I definitely love the pop and rock sound from this track. It’s the 2nd whole group song, and it’s very good. It’s much more different than “Shining Diamond” but it’s really good. When they perform it on stage, it’s so amazing. The dance to it is amazing. I love this song! It’s my 3rd favorite from this album.

I loved this album! It’s well-produced and well-presented. SEVENTEEN, you did another amazing job delivering another album! I wish you guys the best on this comeback.

That is it for today.


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