[Song Review] Seventeen – Because of You (Acoustic Cover)

[Song Review] Seventeen – Because of You (Acoustic Cover)


Original Song: After School – Because of You

Rate 1-10: 10

Review: I absolutely love this cover by Seventeen! These days, I have been obsessing over them, and when I was watching “Seventeen Project”, I fell in love with this cover when vocal line performed it for one of their missions. It’s just so beautiful and so emotional. Now, I actually prefer this version over the original version. The lyrics to this song is heart-breaking, and so I would imagine this song much more slower and smooth, but the original version, by After School, is much more upbeat. Not that, I don’t like it, but I would imagine this song just more slower like this acoustic version. Anyways, I just love this cover so much. I think the vocal line definitely delivered their amazing singing skills by this song. No wonder why they are the vocal line! I loved how Joshua was playing the guitar, and the parts he sung was so good. His voice sounded so beautiful in this. Now, their original cover they posted didn’t have Woozi in it, but when Woozi sung, I think it completed the whole song. I loved DK’s and Seungkwan’s harmonization together, and I loved Jeonghan’s angelic voice. This cover was just outstanding and well performed. It’s such a beautiful song, that I would recommend people to listen to if they know about After School.


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