[Debut Review] – iKON

[Debut Review] – iKON

Review: Finally, after so many years of waiting, iKON has finally debuted, with a half debut album. Now, I am not a big fan of iKON. I like them, but not deeply so emotionally in love with them. I did really anticipate their debut though. I thought that since they took a while to debut that it would be powerful, but I found it a bit disappointing and not the best they can do. From their entire “half debut album”, I only really like Airplane. Airplane was such a lovely song, and the whole music video to me felt like I was watching a fanfic. I really liked that. Now, they released “My Type” before releasing “Airplane” and “Rhythm Ta”, and I didn’t really find myself liking that song as much. It is pretty catchy but not really. Now, with “Rhythm Ta”, I found it extremely disappointing. I don’t hate the song. I actually find myself listening to it a few times, but it just wasn’t what I expected it to be. I thought it would be hard core or something, but it was just kind of there. What I really found disappointing from this song is the line distribution between the members. Chanwoo got no lines! That makes me so upset. Most of the song, all we heard was B.I and Bobby. I hate that in iKON, everything is always about B.I and Bobby. I have not even seen any news about the other members when they were still trainees. It makes me upset that B.I and Bobby are overshadowing the rest of the members. That is why I’m pretty disappointed with their debut. It’s mostly about B.I and Bobby featuring the rest of the members. I hope in the future the other members will get to shine too. I think I only really like “Rhythm Ta” because of the vocal line parts.


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