[Comeback] Topp Dogg

[Comeback] Topp Dogg 

Guess who’s finally coming back? It’s Topp Dogg! Topp Dogg has finally come back after a year of hiatus. Now, I don’t really know if their new music videos or album is even out yet because I haven’t heard any news lately, but what I do know is that they are promoting their new song on music shows right now. I am super happy for them. I love Topp Dogg, and it’s sad that they are not really known in South Korea. I know that they are not from a very popular entertainment, but these boys are still pretty talented. It sucks how they started with 13 members, but now there’s only 10 members promoting this time. It’s sad to know that 2 members have left the group, while Kidoh is going to be a producer for the group. I really wished Kidoh would of promoted with them. I still love these boys though, and I can’t wait to check out their new music when it’s officially released.


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