[Debut Review] Twice

[Debut Review] Twice

Review: JYP finally debuted a new girl group named, “Twice”! Beginning as 16 contestants battling each other to see who will debut as a group and who will not, it came down to the final 9 who got to debut together under the name, “Twice”. Twice has finally debut after their long journey of training and going through a survival show called, “Sixteen”. Now, I wasn’t all that interested in Twice even when Sixteen was airing. I didn’t care much, but either way I knew I was going to check out them when they did officially debut. I think their debut was actually really good. It’s a bit different from the other girl groups that have debuted this year, and they were outstanding. I liked their debut song, and it’s pretty catchy. It brings in such a different kind of vibe for me. At first, it sounded mysterious and mystical, but the chorus was super catchy to me. The dance is what I really like. The dance break in the middle of the school was also on point. Overall, I enjoyed their debut song. I haven’t checked out their whole album, and I don’t think I intend to. I did watch some of their debut stages, and they are amazing live! They all sing and deliver their performances so well! Well done, Twice!


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