[Song Cover Review] Jungkook – Lost Stars

[Song Cover Review] Jungkook – Lost Stars 

Original Song: Adam Levine – Lost Stars (Begin Again Soundtrack) 

Rate 1-10: 10

Review: I don’t even know what to say about this cover. I just love it so much, it hurts my soul. I really love this song in general, and the fact that Jungkook covered it, makes me love it even more. My life is complete now. I always wanted him to make a cover of this song, and he finally did. It’s a miracle, to be honest. The soothing voice he has makes the song so lovely. I think he did an outstanding job! His pronunciation of the English words were great! He did an amazing and beautiful job. I love this boy and his voice. He’s so talented and that’s why he’s my favorite. Now, I also really love this song because the day he uploaded his cover was the day I got into an accident. So this song will always remind me of that time because I remember being in the hospital and listening to it. It’s pretty funny, but it’s also memorable. With the original song though, I actually really like Kiera Knightley’s version more than Adam Levine’s. Maybe it’s just my preference, but I prefer Kiera’s version over Adam’s. I enjoyed all the k-pop idols who have covered this amazing song, but I like Jungkook’s the most along with Yun from Lunafly. I can’t say anything else besides saying it was amazing and beautiful!


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