[Song Review] Homme – Ain’t No Love

[Song Review] Homme – Ain’t No Love

Rate 1-10: 10

Review: This song is art! I love Homme’s music since “It Girl”, and I loved all the songs they released this year. “No More Cry” was an amazing song, but definitely “Ain’t No Love” has captured my heart. Just something about their singing in this song, makes me so attach to it. I legit listened to this song for 4 hours straight, and I am still listening to this song now. However, I don’t quite understand the music video. It was a bit bizarre for me, and made no sense. I never really looked into the English translation of the lyrics, but I did read them, and it was a bit confusing. However, the melody of this song is soft and beautiful. I really like the duo of Changmin and Lee Hyun voice. Changmin has this much softer and smoother voice, while Lee Hyun has a huskier and deep voice, and they both just compliment each other very well. I don’t know much about Homme, but I do know a lot about 2AM. I know that Lee Hyun was in 8ight, but they have disbanded. I also know that they are under Big Hit Entertainment, and Big Hit has some great artists. All I can say is that, this song is beautiful and it fits the season so well.


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