[Performance Review] BTS – I Need U Remix at Melon Music Awards 2015

[Performance Review] BTS – I Need U Remix at Melon Music Awards 2015 

Rate 1-10: 10

Review: When I woke up the next morning, and I found out BTS won “Best Male Dance” for “I Need U”, I was extremely happy and proud. The dance to “I Need U” was just beautiful, and fitted so well with the song. I loved the reaction the members had when they were announced as the winner, and I couldn’t be any more proud for them and their hard work on their dancing. Especially to J-Hope, since he is the choreography leader and he’s just an outstanding dancer. BTS as a whole, makes the most amazing dance performances, like the one they did for the music award show. I can’t even tell you how much I loved it! It was just mind-blowing! I love the concept of using the lighted-up gloves for their intro. It was just so beautiful how the whole venue was dark, and they were the only ones shining. That was just super clever and amazing to see. Their intro was pretty sure, but amazing. Their light dancing was great! Now onto the song, which was a remix of “I Need U”. I fell in love with this remix. It was just so amazing! I did really thought and hoped they were going to perform the original version, but this one was also glorious. I loved it so much. That bass that kind of just drops once in a while, was spine chilling. Like, super good. And most importantly, that dance break right towards the end of the song. It was so outstanding and brilliant! I loved the music that went along with their performance. It made it so much better, and like I really need a version of this song on their next album. I just loved this performance so much. I cannot wait to see what they have prepared for the MAMA awards in December!


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