[Comeback Review] B.A.P & iKON

[Comeback Review] B.A.P & iKON

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[B.A.P Review] Young, Wild & Free


Rate: 10

Review: B.A.P has returned as kings in their new song, “Young, Wild & Free”! I am super happy that they are finally back after such a long hiatus, and their comeback was totally what I expected. I’ve been a fan of B.A.P since 2013, and their music is just so great! It’s so different and I love how they always change their music once in a while from sweet to hardcore. It’s pretty amazing. After such a long hiatus, and with their lawsuit ending, this comeback was definitely the definition of an awaited comeback from a group. Their comeback is the definition of what I would expect a comeback would be like from a group going on a break for so long. I love the song, and love the hardcore they went with. This reminds me of their much older days songs, and together everything is just amazing. The lyrics and melody of this song is perfect! Their vocals and raps are always on point! Music video was alright, but I’m just really glad to see them back. I’m proud of them for sticking together, and I hope this comeback will be successful.

[iKON Review] Apology & Anthem 


Rate on “Apology”: 10

Rate on “Anthem“: 7

Review: From these two songs, I like “Apology” more. In all honesty, I think I like iKON’s slower songs more than their upbeat songs. I don’t know, just because when they do release an upbeat song, B.I and Bobby are the ones who seems to fit more into that style than the rest of the members. “Anthem” was just B.I and Bobby, so it’s a bit disappointing not seeing the rest of the members singing the song too. I guess it’s an okay song. I would prefer “Rhythm Ta” than “Anthem“. But for “Apology“, I love it. I love it a lot. It’s just so beautiful. The vocal line is really amazing. They are definitely something else. Junhoe is killing it with his husky and deep vocals. Donghyuk’s voice is so soothing, and beautiful. Chanwoo finally got a line and I couldn’t be any happier! I would love to hear his voice more in the future too! He did an amazing job just from one line. Pretty upset though that Jinhwan and Yunhyeong didn’t get as much lines as they did from their before songs, but their voices are still beautiful. I just really love the vocal line, and I wish you they would have the same attention as B.I and Bobby. I don’t hate B.I and Bobby, just tired of seeing them everywhere. But I think these two songs are much better than their previous ones, or at least “Apology” was.

It’s definitely battle of the comebacks this month! 



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