[Song Review] BTS – Nevermind

[Song Review] BTS – Nevermind 


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: BTS is back! This wonderful boy group of 7, has released their first teaser for their comeback. This song is just truly art. This is art. I can’t even explain how much I love this song. It’s only the comeback trailer, but it’s so beautiful. It’s so influential. Like wow. Suga’s rap are very inspirational and deep. It brings me into a good mood. This is definitely Suga’s era to shine. He’s such a wonderful person, but I also loved hearing J-Hope’s and Rap Mon’s voices throughout the song. Everything was just amazing! This is what brings me joy. This is what tells me that BTS is back! I cannot wait for their comeback on the 30th, and the anticipation just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I hope that 화양연화 pt.2 will be successful as pt.1. I literally can’t wait until the album releases, because BTS is back! 



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