[Album Review] BTS -화양연화 pt.2

[Album Review] BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 (화양연화 pt.2)


Rate 1-10: 10

Favorite track(s) from album: Intro: Never Mind, RUN, Butterfly, Whalien 52, 뱁새, 고엽

Track #1: Intro: Never Mind


Rate: 10

Review: This intro is life. What can I say about it? I loved it. It’s truly inspiring. The lyrics is very beautiful. I love the rapper line. They are my life. I already wrote a review for this intro, so click [[here]] to read more!

Track #2: RUN 


Rate: 10

Review: To be very honest, when they released the album preview, and RUN was being played, I wasn’t really into it as much. After the full release of the song and music video, I was just crying over it. It’s such a beautiful song. My heart and soul was crying. I love this. It’s so beautiful like “I Need U”. We all thought we would get some answers, but from the music video, there is still no much questions unanswered. I loved this music video. It ripped me apart because of so many ships going on. We had Rap Mon and V, J-Hope and Jimin, and then Jungkook and Suga. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Jin makes me cry. He plays such an important role yet we’re still wondering what it is. I just totally love this song. It’s better than I expected it would be. Definitely so much better than I expected. The dance is definitely what I am also anticipating. BTS done it again!

Track #3: Butterfly


Rate: 10

Review: Please play this song at my funeral. This is my song. I don’t even know how to express the beauty of this song. It’s totally different from the one in the prologue, and it was just so overwhelming and perfect. I cried. I cried when I first heard Jungkook’s voice and the acoustic guitar playing. It was just heaven. This whole song is heaven. The song is extremely beautiful, and I can’t express it enough besides saying it’s beautiful over and over. You just HAVE to listen to it. It’s life.

Track #4: Whalien 52


Rate: 10

Review: This song is also very beautiful. If you didn’t know, this song is based on the loneliest whale in the world that sings at 52-hertz. They wrote this song based on that, and it just broke my heart. They all feel lonely sometimes, but I know they know that ARMYs will always be by their side. So much emotion in this song, and it’s just perfect.

Track #5: Ma City


Rate: 8

Review: This song is great for a party! It express their love for their city, and I’m proud of them for staying true to themselves. I like the song, don’t particularly love it, but it’s still good to jam here and there once in a while. This song was pre-released, and when I heard Jimin’s part, I was like “WOAH….CHILL”! But did he not sound like he’s singing that one Rihanna song though?!

Track #6: 뱁새


Rate: 10

Review: This song is on fire! This is my new national anthem. I can’t even express how amazing this song is! It’s so BANGING! Like this is the type of song, you would hear on the American radio. It should so be on the radio. It’s worth to hear on the radio! They slayed it! I’m disappointed though that Jin and Jimin were not in this song, but overall I loved it! It’s my party song. I can’t even with this song. You just have to check it out for yourself. You’re welcome.

Track #7: Skit: One Night In A Strange City

(gonna skip cause it’s a skit, and honestly I haven’t really heard it.) 

Track #8: 고엽


Rate: 9

Review: Once again, Min Suga has done it and produced another amazing song. This song is so calm and beautiful. I love that upbeat melody that plays during the chorus. It’s truly amazing. I really like it!

Track #9: Outro: House of Cards


Rate: 9

Review: This outro gives me the chill. It sounds creepy, but so good. I love the jazzy vibe to it too. It’s not their own original song, but I love the re-do they did. It’s amazing and the vocal line slayed it. Their voices are so beautiful.

This album totally slayed. I loved it so much. ❤ I’m really going to miss this era, unless Big Hit decides to make a part 3 and answer some questions. 화양연화 forever ~


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