[Song Cover Review] BTS Covers of December 2015

[Song Cover Review] BTS Covers of December 2015

J-HOPE 1 VERSE Mixtape 


Rate 1-10: 9

Review: First up is J-Hope with his first mixtape, “1 Verse”. This boy was spitting fire. The energy coming from this song was just so amazing and cool. I think we definitely need to appreciate this boy more because he has so much talent. He’s not a rapper to begin with when joining BTS, but he has learned a lot, and I’m very proud of him. In this mixtape, he has proven what he can really do. It was just so amazing and lit. The tone of his voice was just so raw. He had many different tones when rapping in this song, and it was just too good. I wish him the best when he officially releases his own mixtape album. I’ll be anticipating that very much.

Jungkook – Paper Hearts

Original Song: Tori Kelly – Paper Hearts


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: I truly cannot stop listening to this cover. Before, Jimin and Jungkook recommended the song, and I took a listen to it, but I guess I didn’t really like it that much at first. But Jungkook has changed that for me. This song and his cover was so beautiful. It hits your soul. The soothe of his voice is so calm and pretty. I also really love Tori’s version too now. Of course, she’s the original singer, how could we not like it? But I think he just did such an outstanding job. His English pronunciation is getting so much better, and I’m just so proud of him.

Jungkook & Rap Mon – Fools

Original Song: Troye Sivan – Fools 


Rate 1-10: 9

Review: Now this cover is definitely amazing. I don’t listen to it a lot, but I do really like it. This song is a beautiful song itself. Rap Mon before recommended the song, and the fact that he did a cover with Jungkook is just amazing. What stood out to me, was Rap Mon singing. He has such a beautiful raspy singing voice, and I really love that. I think we’ve all been waiting on another Kookie Monster cover, and they finally gave it to us again. This is beautiful, and they both did an amazing job.


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