Is BTS popular?


Netizens claims that although BTS is popular, they have never had a HIT song. According to a Korean website, netizens says, although BTS is popular, selling an impressive amount of albums and winning award shows, they have not had a true hit song yet. They question if BTS should be considered one of the top kpop groups. Now, many would disagree and many would agree. As a big fan of BTS, I would say it is true but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be considered as one of the top male groups.

Some people who agree on this statement wonders why BTS is popular if they never truly had a hit song to be this popular. Someone says they are in their own world, which I think could mean that even though they are that popular, they don’t know they have never truly had a hit song. Another one says that, BTS fans are all in elementary school, so that’s why BTS doesn’t have any public appeal nor the fans themselves to represent the fandom. I think that is just rude to say about the fandom and BTS themselves. Lastly, someone said that their senior group, Infinite, had a song called “Be Mines” that made it big around BTS current stage, but what does BTS have? Comparing a senior group that have been 6 years since debut to a 3 year group since debut is very low of that person.

As a big fan of BTS, I would agree on the fact that BTS has truly never had a hit song. In the Kpop Industry, I guess it’s pretty common to have a hit song to make you become popular. Like for EXO, they had Growl, EXID had Up & Down, SNSD had GEE, and so much more that I can’t think of. But I wouldn’t say that even though they don’t have a hit song yet, they shouldn’t be consider one of the top groups. When it comes to album sales and award shows, BTS shows that they have that power to win over the much bigger groups that have been in the industry longer than them. Although they don’t have a hit song yet, they are pretty much one of the top groups with impressive album sales and winning awards. I wouldn’t say that is all they have, but their fandom is much bigger than what these netizens may think. They have truly worked very hard, just like any other groups, to get to where they are today. They are from a small company, and I wouldn’t say that’s an advantage or whatsoever either, but that they have seriously brought their company up from where it stood before. Every year, they released 2 albums and those albums always do so well. Music quality of their album is amazing, and although they aren’t really on the charts, it still shows that they are true musicians that are doing their own thing.

What I do believe though is that, they will have a hit song soon. Their music is great! Although it hardly shows on the music charts, it shows internationally. The have been on the Billboards for consecutive weeks for their new album “화양연화 pt.2”. Their album was also #1 on the k-pop genre on iTunes. They have won a total of 10 music show awards in 2015, for their songs “I Need U” and “Run”, and although those two songs may not be hit songs that are heard in the streets of Seoul and such, winning those music show awards definitely shows that their popularity is no joke. They won over PSY, and PSY is a kpop sensation.

I think what netizens need to look at here is what these groups do that will make them popular. A hit song shouldn’t define their popularity, but it’s what they show and can do on stage. In 2015, I personally think it was BTS’s year. They have won their first music show awards, and even won Best World Performer at MAMA 2015. This shows how popular and how much they kind of deserve to be one of the top groups, but I believe they will continue to rise.


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