Jimin copied Kai?


During KBS Gayo Daejun 2015, EXO-L’s spotted that BTS Jimin plagiarized Kai’s dance performance. According to Koreaboo and from the information they gathered for this article, a dancer has stated that he thinks the dance Jimin performance was definitely similar to Kai’s. He says that although the dance style is different, some of the moves were the same which led to assumptions that Jimin copied Kai. I think that this is definitely not true in any way.

During MAMA 2014, Kai did a dance performance intro before EXO came together to perform. If you look back at the performance, you can see that the aura of the dance is more dark and thrilling. Now back to Jimin’s performance during KBS Gayo Daejun 2015, he performed a dance solo to their newest song “Butterfly”. If you look at his performance, you can see that the aura of the dance is more light and graceful. Both boys are dancing contemporary dances, but I wouldn’t claim that Jimin copied Kai just because it looked similar.

Many people dances like this, including me, so how could someone say that I copied Kai too? The dancing look similar, but it is definitely not copied. Contemporary dancing can become just like freestyling. It was a form of freestyling that both boys did in their own unique style. I don’t understand how someone could say that Jimin was plagiarizing Kai’s dance, when they probably don’t even know a whole lot about dancing.

There are many different ways to dance. A dancer is able to dance in however style the want too. It may looks similar to others, but that’s because it’s dancing. I love both boys and their dancing styles. I definitely think Jimin did not copy Kai in whatsoever.

In these kind of dancing performances, it will always be compared to someone else’s, but what people don’t really see is that, there’s nothing being copied at all. It’s simply just how that dancer is showing their talent in however way they want,


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