[Song Review] K.Will ft. Davichi – You Call It Romance

[Song Review] K.Will ft. Davichi – You Call It Romance


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: K.Will is back, and featuring my beautiful vocal duo Davichi! I really hope he can comeback with an album soon, and not just a single, but this song is still so amazing and so cute. I really love this r&b sound that is going on, and I really think K.Will’s vocals fits these kind of songs. His voice is so smooth yet husky and great, and it matched very well to the melody of the song. Best of all, Davichi’s vocals were so beautiful. Their feminine and soft voices really also matches with K.Will and to the melody of this song, so overall everything was just great. It’s a really cute song to listen to despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up. I think it’ll kind of be a perfect song to listen to when that day is nearing. Now with the music video, I think it was just cheesy yet adorably fun to watch. Hyungwon was extremely handsome as ever, and he really reminded me of Boyfriend’s Youngmin. The actress in the music video was cute looking, also that other guy that I don’t know. The plot of this music video was confusing because I really did thought Hyungwon liked her but it was just a simple gesture of giving someone candy. It was pretty funny, but the song was just extremely nice and beautiful to listen to!


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