EXO in 15 days!

EXO – The EXO’luXion in Chicago! 


EXO is having their North America tour in just a few more days! I am excited because I will be attending their North America tour concert in Chicago! EXO is coming to Chicago! I love EXO, been a fan ever since 2013, and getting the chance to see them perform live and up on the stage will be a dream come true. I am super excited to see them and to experience another k-pop concert. EXO is coming on the 19th of February, a week after my birthday, so that will be my birthday present from them. But really, overall, I am just excited to see them and jam to all their songs they will be performing. I am still sad that Lay couldn’t come, but it’s understandable. He just recently injured his back, so I hope he gets better, and so next time he can join them. Also, Kai and Xiumin also injured themselves, but I do hope all of them are healthy and will get lots of rest being touring. I’m also upset at the fact that SM announced an encore concert for them, while they’ve been busily going around the world touring already, and more concerts to do in March of 2016. It makes me sad, and so I hope when SM debuts their new boy group, EXO will be resting for a long time before coming back. They’ve done so much in 2015, and they seriously deserve a long break although they are SM’s source of income. But, just overall, I am excited to be seeing them soon, and let’s hope for the best!


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