Comeback and Sub-Unit!

[Comeback Review] Rainbow 


Rate 1-10: 8

Review: Rainbow is back! Now, I’m not that big of a fan of Rainbow, but I’ve gained interest in them just last year when they came out with “Black Swan”. Honestly, “Black Swan” was amazing and people are seriously missing out on that song. The entire concept was beautiful yet they only promoted for 2 weeks. But now they are back with a new song and a much brighter concept! I really enjoy the vibe from “Whoo”. It’s funky and cheery. I like how DSP has this very techno feel in their songs. It makes them kind of unique in a way since we don’t really hear a lot of techno in k-pop songs. But I really do enjoy “Whoo”. The line distribution was on point and right for the first time in k-pop history and the song is very enjoyable. Now, I wouldn’t say I always listen to it, but I had a good first impression of the song. I really hope it will make them more popular because they are so good. People need to hear them because they have serious talent and have been in the industry for too long to be ignored. But let’s hope for the best for them this year! Please check out their new song!

[Sub-Unit Review] AOACream 


Rate on debut song 1-10: 8

Review: Okay, honestly it is time for these 3 to shine. They’ve been so unappreciated and I’m glad FNC put them in a sub-unit. I will say I really like the trio of them. They bring in a new kind of vibe away from AOA as a whole group. They have a much more vibrant feeling since AOA has been doing a lot of sexy concepts ever since Mini-Skirt. But I do really enjoy their debut song too! It’s catchy although a bit cutesy. What I really like though is how it also has the hip-hop vibe to it, but everything is pink. I like the combination of Yuna’s and Hyejeong’s vocals. Chanmi’s rap voice included is a bonus. I mean she has a more likable rapping voice than Jimin and I’m pretty sure most people think so too, but it doesn’t mean she’s a better rapper since Jimin really has passion for rap while I don’t know much about Chanmi but she seems like the dancing type more. But overall, the trio of them is really good! The song is fresh yet catchy and vocals on point!


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