EXO’luXion In Chicago


It has finally happened! I saw EXO! EXO toured with MyMusicTaste for their EXO’luXion North America tour and they happened to pick Chicago as one of their cities to attend and perform. My life is complete. Everything was absolutely amazing and truly a blessing to see them live. I was all the way in the back but it was still totally worth it, the view was still pretty amazing from a far since the venue doesn’t hold a large amount of people like their other venues they had attend to. Being there at the concert was super surprising and overwhelming. I honestly thought I would never see an EXO concert in my life because EXO is so popular I feel like they would never come to America for a concert, but I was wrong! THEY CAME and everything was amazing! I made a video complying everything that happened at the concert, because we were able to record and it was great. I’m going to treasure these memories forever. EXO is my second kpop group I’ve seen live and god bless them.

If you want to check out the video; click [[here]] πŸ˜€


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