[Comeback Review] Ladies’ Code

[Comeback Review] Ladies’ Code


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Review: Ladies’ Code are back after almost 2 years of being on a hiatus. If you didn’t know, back in September of 2014, Ladies’ Code were a group of 5 members, before tragically they lost 2 of their members from a car accident. They released a new single back in September of 2015 to remember their lovely members EunB and Rise. But now they are back with a new single titled, “Myst3ry”, hence the 3 in the title indicating the 3 remaining members who survived. I love Ladies’ Code. I feel bad that I never really got the chance to be a dedicated fan when they debuted, but I did remember listening to their debut song. It was good, but I think I just wasn’t really interested as much back then. I remembered checking out “Pretty Pretty” a few days after they came back with “So Wonderful”, and I thought “Pretty Pretty” was a bit girly for my taste, but now that has become my favorite Ladies’ Code song. But when September 3rd came in 2014, sadly they lost EunB first on spot and then Rise on the 7th. My heart broke for these girls when the news came out and it was just so hard to take in that. These k-pop idols who we adore and love so much, they are human too and we all die one day. It’s sad and heartbreaking that EunB and Rise passed away at such a young age and with so much ahead of them, but I will always remember them while they are in heaven watching over their members, family, and fans. I guess I just feel sad to really get into them after the accident, but I gave Ladies’ Code all my support and love.

I was going to wait for them and cheer them on if they wanted to continue on with their dreams, and they did. On February 24, they came back with a new album. Their title “Galaxy”, is very different from their previous songs. They never really done anything like the vibe of “Galaxy” and I really love it. Ladies’ Code has always been a girl group who brings these vibrant and bright concepts, but this new song has a very eerie and kind of dark feeling, but it’s jazzy and I love how the always incorporate a little jazz into their songs. “Galaxy” is a bit on the smoother and slower feeling, but it really stands out on their vocals. I miss hearing their voices. However, it definitely does feel empty without the other two members with them. But overall, the song is amazing. It’s different from what they’ve done on stage, and I hope many will give them some love. I felt like this song kind of represented their feelings. It was sad and very eerie which made me think, this song connects to their personal feelings about the whole accident and losing their two lovely members, but who knows. The whole amazing is amazing. The album is different from their other albums. They are bringing in this eerie vibe from this album and I love it, but I’m sure they will not stick to this concept forever and that they will go back to their origins on these very bright and cheery concepts. I don’t mind at all what they bring next, but I wish them they best. Give some love to them!


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