[Comeback Review] MAMAMOO

[Comeback Review] MAMAMOO 


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: Okay, MAMAMOO is slaying with this comeback! I love “You’re the Best” so much! It is such a good song. These type of songs really fit the vocals in the group. It’s so groovy and I love it. They are going to slay this month and I really hope they win No.1 with this song because it’s really good. Definitely, my favorite Mamamoo song for now. I also checked out the album and all the songs are amazing. The did so many different kind of genres in this album and it’s truly amazing to hear the different genres they can do. 1cm was a hip-hop track and then I Miss You was a ballad track and just all the songs were so good. I also went back to listen to their other previous albums and I was amazed. I’ve been a fan of MAMAMOO since the beginning of 2015 and all their songs are amazing. Such great vocals and many people need to hear them more. I’m really glad they won Rookie for the year 2014 and I hope they can win a music shows soon. The song slays and the concept is slaying. I love how they stick to this funky and groovy concept. Although they would love to do sexy concepts in the future, I also wouldn’t mind, but this fun concept on them is what I love the most.


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