[Song Review] Jimin ft. Xiumin – Call You Bae

[Song Review] AOA Jimin ft. Xiumin of EXO – Call You Bae


Rate 1-10: 8

Review: Jimin is back as a solo artist with her new song, “Call You Bae” featuring everyone’s favorite, Xiumin of EXO! Now, listening to this song when it came out gave me a very happy and cringing feeling. When I was watching the music video, I thought it was too cute. The way Xiumin was holding Jimin and like all up on her face, I was just like “THEY ARE OTP”! I think they make a very cute duo. Their voices really compliments each other. Now Jimin has this kind of baby voice and sometimes it cute, but there was this one part I didn’t really particular enjoy. I love Jimin but yes, sometimes her voice can be a bit old and too cutesy for my taste. However, this song was amazing and it featured Xiumin too! Like have yall not heard Xiumin sing before? He is so good and SM  really needs to understand that. Thank god he is featured in this song so his vocals stood out. His voice is pure gold and towards the end, you could sort of hear him singing high notes and that was just lovely. Overall, I really enjoyed the song. It may be a song I only listen for like a week or so, but the vibe and feeling is very happy. They both are very cute together and it would be cool to see them working together again in the future.


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