[Comeback Review] Lee Hi

[Comeback Review] Lee Hi 


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: I absolutely love Lee Hi’s comeback. Finally after 3 years of a long hiatus, she is back with her new half album, “Seoulite” and let me tell you guys it is LIT. Her new album is pure glory and just so amazing! I’m pretty upset that YG keeps doing these half albums type stuff, but I guess there’s more to come that we should anticipate for then. Lee Hi is one of my favorite solo artists and her new title track songs are beautiful. Obviously, my favorite is “Breathe”. I am so in love with “Breathe” and it’s such a soothing and sad song. The song isn’t even about love but it still deeply hits your soul. I love the soulfulness she has in her voice and it just makes the song perfect. I do also very much like “Hold You Hand”. I miss her singing much of happier song. She matches everything to be honest. “Hold Your Hand” is a song I can dance and feel happy to. I love it! But her whole album is amazing. “World Tour” is great! I especially was blown away by “Fxxk Wit Us”. I think Lee Hi cussing is my new aesthetic. I’m not even kidding, she sounds so swag. But her comeback was not a disappoint at all. I hope she wins no.1 with her new songs and hope that YG will give her more attention after this comeback.


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