[Album Review] BTS – Run Japanese Ver.

[Album Review] BTS – Run Japanese Ver.


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: Okay, I know my blog is meant for “kpop”, but BTS is a kpop group but they just remade their songs into Japanese, so we’re still going to review anyways. I gotta say, their japanese music videos are somewhat always better then their korean ones. I don’t know but when watching the music video of the Japanese version of “RUN”, it just hit my soul. NEW THEORIES MAN! NEW THEORIES EVERYWHERE! It shocked me when I saw Jimin was the one in water and not Jin or V. Interesting, you know? Anyways, I just absolutely loved the music video and of course, the song itself too. I think this version really brought out Jimin’s voice. They finally changed Jin’s part to the beginning and Tae’s part to the middle. Overall, I really liked the Japanese version of “RUN”. It was amazing.

Now, next was a Japanese version of “Butterfly”, and once again, it hit my soul. “Butterfly” will always be one of my favorite BTS songs of all time. Whether they sing in a different language or not, the song is still beautiful as ever. I really loved it and still, just listening to it hits your soul.

Lastly is a new song called, “Good Day”, and let me tell you guys, I actually had my mouth hanging open when I first heard Jungkook singing. It wasn’t until the next couple of seconds and Jimin started singing and I freaked! The song is so good! Like I’M GOING TO NEED A KOREAN VERSION OF THIS ON YOUR NEXT ALBUM kind of good! It’s amazing! The beat is so happy and cheerful just like the title of the song, of course. Once it hit J-Hope’s part and he was half singing and rapping once again, I just died. I love it when it comes to Hobi half singing and rapping. And then we had Mr. Rap Monster, saying “I’m no singer”, freaking singing too. He’s so good! I honestly think all of them can sing, but chose not to because they still have to stay swag. But “Good Day” is just so amazing. The vocal line is always slaying and god bless for more of V and Jin singing.

I enjoyed this album A LOT! I don’t buy their Japanese albums though, but I wish I did if I had more money because there’s so many versions and it’s just like, which version should I get?


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