[Comeback Review] Taemin & Red Velvet

[Song Review] Taemin – Press Your Number 


Rate 1-10: 9

Review: Taemin is back with his new solo album , “Press It”! Now, when first listening to his pre-released track, “Drip Drop” it gave me that F(x) “4 Walls” vibe for a moment, but the song was nice and the dance was cool. I was waiting to see how his title song would be since “Drip Drop” was great so the song must be good too. And it really was! At first, I wasn’t into it, but after listening to it for a few more times I came to really like it. Taemin’s voice seems to really fit these r&b styled songs that are more on the slow and sensual side. He’s the maknae, but boy is he growing up. “Press Your Number” is such a funky and cool song. I really love the vibe of it and the way he’s singing it. It’s amazing. His entire album is really good too. But I am still debating if “Danger” or “Press Your Number” was the better one. I think both is amazing in general, but I don’t know, but comebacks have been super good and I can’t wait to see what he shows in the future.

[Song Review] Red Velvet – One of these Nights


Rate 1-10: 8

Review: I love Red Velvet and I’m always excited to see what new things they bring, and I did really like this song though. At first, I wasn’t too into it like with Taemin’s but it grew on me. I enjoy the velvet side the bring sometimes. I really did anticipate for this album, but it wasn’t all that I hoped for. The rest of the songs are amazing, but I’m disappointed that SM gave them 3 other versions of their title track song. COME ON SM! MAKE MORE RED VELVET SONGS AND NOT JUST REMAKES AND DIFFERENT VERSIONS! The rest of the songs are amazing and it would of been better to have a full album that really showed more of their vocals on this velvet side. “The Red” album was lit and I enjoyed it so much and hoped the same for this album, but it wasn’t the same. I hope in the future, SM would show more of their colors and their style of songs.


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