So many comebacks!

Is April and May going to be my favorite months this year? There’s so many amazing groups coming back and I’m excited!

First up, CNBLUE!


CNBLUE just began teasing for their comeback yesterday and this was all we got. A picture and what seems to be the title of their album. Now, from Allkpop it says that the date of their release is March 24, but I’m not sure since that’s tomorrow and woah. But I am excited! I love CNBLUE since Day 1 and their latest comeback was outstanding. They always come back with amazing songs and so I can’t wait to see what they have in store this year.

Next up, BESTie!


BESTie’s latest comeback was with “Excuse Me” back in May of 2015. I can’t believe they were almost gone for a month. I miss these girls and they are so good. They plan on making a comeback in May and I’m excited to see what kind of concept they will go for. Will it be a cute concept or sexy concept? Whatever it is, I will still like it because they really know how to do both.



DAY6 is coming back! I love Day6! When they first debut, I was curious what was going on when people kept blabbering about them, but they were right to blabber because their debut was amazing, and they are finally going to come back! But I’m a bit disappointed that they are coming back right after Junhyeok just left. I really wish that didn’t happen and that he could of stayed for this last album before leaving. It just sucks that he left unexpectedly. But I wish Day6 the best on this comeback!

Boys’ Republic dropped a bomb just yesterday!


They suddenly announced a comeback just yesterday and its set to release by the end of March and I can’t wait. I was surprised to see they are coming back unexpectedly but I love them. They’re so good! “Hello” was amazing and much more softer, but from the looks of the teaser they released and this tracklist image, it doesn’t seem soft no more. Are we getting a badass Boys’ Republic kind of like their “The Real One” era? I can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Last but not least, BTS!


BTS has also dropped a bomb and announced the epilogue of the 화양연화 era. This special album titled, “화양연화 Young Forever” is set to release on May 2nd and following along is the last concert titled, “화양연화 on Stage: Epilogue”. I’m telling you guys, I knew it wasn’t going to be over and that their was going to be an Epilogue and I’m hoping Big Hit will stop playing games and finally tell us what’s going on with all these theories. I am excited for this album and the last chapter of this era, but I am a bit sad that it is going to be over too. After almost a year, it’s going to be over. I can’t wait!

Which groups are you excited for that is coming back these next few months? 


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