[Song Review] Day6 – Letting Go

[Song Review] Day6 – Letting Go 


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: I’m pretty upset at myself for not learning all the members names when they debuted. I love Day6 since their debut and their comeback was just another amazing song! They’ve comeback with their 2nd mini album, “Daydream”, and it is totally a daydream because it’s so beautiful. Not one song was bad in the album. “Letting Go” was their title song and I cannot stop myself from listening to it. It’s such a soulful song. Just something about it, made me always repeat the song on play. It so good and vocals are on point. I found a bias and it is Sungjin. His voice was stuck in my head the most when I went back to listen to “Congratulations”. His voice is amazing and super powerful. I’m really glad that they are also performing on music shows now. They are so good live! I’m just weird-out ow Dowoon has no singing parts or whatsoever and he’s just in the back. Also, line distribution wasn’t all that either. Sungjin, Wonpil, and Young K all had the most parts and Jae only got 1. I hope their next comeback will have better line distribution. But overall, the song is amazing and is totally worth hearing.


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