[Song Review] Oh My Girl – Liar Liar

[Song Review] Oh My Girl – Liar Liar


Rate 1-10: 9

Review: Oh My Girl is back with their new mini album titled, “Pink Ocean”! Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a big-o fan of Oh My Girl, but I have been keeping updates on them ever since their debut. I would consider myself a fan but not such a big fan yet. Ya know? Anyways moving on to their new song, “Liar Liar”, I think this is the best song they’ve done yet. The beat is amazing. The style and concept of this song matches them so well, and the song is so bright and upbeat that matches their colors. I know they might of gotten more attention during, “Closer”, but honestly I didn’t like “Closer” at all. I don’t know, it just seemed too plain for their style. Like they debuted with “Cupid” and that song was upbeat so why move on to a much smoother song? I don’t know, maybe it was just me but I enjoyed “Cupid” more than “Closer”. Not until they released “Liar Liar” and I felt like it was back to their debut days once again. A song like this, is what matches them very well as a group of 8. They’re young and bright, so they should try more songs like this. Netizens claims it’s a flop, but I don’t think so. The song is amazing. I would only rate it a 9, because the ending. That extra beat at the end where YooA starts to sing, brought suspense and then it just ended and I was like “Damn, I wish they would of used that beat throughout the entire song.” To kind of bring that intense in the song, that we would like to hear. Overall, this song was just super good and brought back their old colors. I hope they will continue to make more songs like this, because it fits them very well.


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