[Comeback Review] Block B

[Comeback Review] Block B 


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: Okay, like I knew of Block B, I knew some of the members, but I don’t know what’s going on with me and how it happened, but I love these boys now! I think this comeback really made me get into them more. I’ve checked them out since 2014, but you know never really paid a lot of attention to them, but this year, this year is definitely different. Block B pre-released a track from their new mini album, “Blooming Period”, called, “A Few Years Later”, and boy did I fall in love. I was so star-struck because of that song and it is so beautiful and amazing! I really do enjoy these type of songs they release because they are all vocally talented. And then they released their entire mini album and came back with their title song, “Toy” and boy did I die. “Toy” is such an amazing song that deserves a lot of love. I’m so proud they are doing well on the charts with this song because it is just pure art. The meaning of the song is deep, I think it is. The flow of the song is just soulful and like did y’all see that dab in the music video? I laughed but thought that went great with the song. Block B really outdid themselves this year and I’m glad they are back together as a group and not Zico doing his own solos. I hope this album will be their blooming period once again and that they don’t stop there and come back again this year before it ends. Their entire album is fire as well! Definitely love all the songs and “Bingle Bingle” is my new national anthem. Go check it out!


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