[Debut Review] NCT U

[Debut Review] NCT U 


Rate 1-10: 7

Review: Well, I don’t know much about these boys. All I knew was that they were in SM and that they were just a sub-unit for the actual group NCT. Now checking out their debut songs, it was alright. I wouldn’t say it was mind-blowing to me. I think it was just pretty mediocre. I don’t know, it just wasn’t that outstanding to me. “The 7th Sense” had a nice vibe to it, but something about it was still kind of bland too. The dancing however looked very cool. The vocals in the song were pretty amazing, but I didn’t hear a lot of it and most rap from Taeyong and Mark. I think what’s a turn off but still kind of funny was when Mark cussed at that one part. Y’all know what I’m talking about. But “The 7th Sense” just wasn’t my jam. I think it was too plain for SM for some reason. Now moving on to, “Without U”, this song was kind of better but at the same time not really. I know that many people preferred this song over “The 7th Sense”, but I don’t have a favorite at all. I kind of liked it, but then I don’t. It just again wasn’t outstanding. It was the vocal line song but I don’t know. I just wasn’t into it. But I would say their vocals are very god especially Doyoung. However, I will continue to look at them as they grow and when they fully debut as a group and not a sub-unit.


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