[Performance Review] Seventeen Girl Group Medley

[Performance Review] 160416 – Seventeen Girl Group Medley, MBC Music Core 500th Special Episode 


Rate 1-10: 10

Review: Okay, this entire performance was everything I ever wanted! All the songs they did and rearranged was so heavenly and outstanding! Like the fact that The8 started the entire performance and sung more than one line is just amazing. I can’t with their “Ice Cream Cake” rendition. It was so GOOD! Like too good! Like super good that I need an official audio. That’s how good it was. They definitely funked it up and added their “Seventeen” color in the songs which I am super amazed at and in love with. I haven’t stopped listening to it ever since it came out and wow. I also really love how they did “Lion Heart”. It was beautiful! Joshua’s voice was so soothing and that boy needs more lines. Vocal line in general really just shined throughout this entire performance. It was too good. This performance was just lit. Everything about it was so outstanding!

On a side note since we are talking about Seventeen, I cannot wait for their comeback! They are coming back in a few days and I need to prepare myself. These days I’ve been getting back into them and I just can’t wait.



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