[Song Review] Twice – Cheer Up

[Song Review] Twice – Cheer Up


Rate 1-10: 8

Review: Twice is back with their new mini album, “Page Two”! Now, I love Twice and like their debut album was really good along with their title track song, but I would say I just kind of like this song. It’s good to listen to and jam to once in a while, but I just felt that “Like Ohh Ahh” was more catchy and more powerful. There’s really nothing wrong with the song, I just didn’t like it as much as “Like Ohh Ahh”. The line distribution however was so good. Jungyeon finally got to sing more than one line. All of them sound amazing in the song. I would only rate it an 8 because, in “Like Ohh Ahh” they had that wonderful dance break and then in this song, the dance break was honestly kind of weak. I wished it could of been more powerful with more moves, but it didn’t have to much moves so I couldn’t enjoy it as much. I really like the chorus however. I think that was the catchiest part. Overall, I just think this song is good for a comeback but I wasn’t too mind-blown about it. I haven’t checked out their entire album yet, but I will soon to see if the rest of their songs are good too. However, I am extremely proud that they are #1 on the music charts right now. They deserve it!


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