[Album Review] BTS 화양연화 Young Forever Special Album

[Album Review] BTS 화양연화 Young Forever Special Album 


Rate 1-10: 10

# of tracks: 23 (11 new tracks)

Favorite new tracks: ALL OF THEM.

BTS IS BACK! Here I will only do an album review of their new songs and remixes. Not the tracks from part 1 and 2 that I already did. So without going any farther, let’s go!

CD 1  

Track #5 – Butterfly (Prologue Mix) 


Rate: 10

Review: Okay, like the prologue had me crying the first time I heard Butterfly and now they finally released this version, and I am blessed. I love this version a lot and I’m really happy that it’s just the vocal line singing. The melody is perfect because it’s much slower and soulful like all up on your feels, soulful, and it’s just wonderful and so beautiful. During the 2nd verse, I thought Jungkook started singing in another language but it was still korean. The words were just a bit different and I was just like, “Are you singing in Japanese?” But I love it so much. I really love this version too, and when part 2 came out I thought that this version would of been in the album, but it wasn’t. However, I do really like the version that they put out on part 2 too. It is beautiful and someone should play all the versions at my funeral. Thank you.

Track #10 – Fire 


Rate 10: 9

Review: Now, when the teaser came out, I was out of breath. That BTS color is finally back again, and “Fire” was just amazing! I was crying and dying inside every second when watching the music video and listening to the song. It’s so good and why can’t I be a good dancer and learn the dance. Namjoon said it was a mix of “Danger” and “Dope”, and now I’m like “Nope, I’m not going to learn it anymore.” The song just brings that BTS vibe that I really get hyped about. This EDM beat that they are trying this time, is really working out so well. All the members looked outstanding and their parts were very outstanding. I guess I only rate it a 9 because V didn’t get an vocal parts besides shouting. I really hate that but he looked so good in the music video. The song is literally FIRE. Check it out!

Track #11 – Save Me


Rate: 10

Review: Okay, I love this song so much. First listening to it, I was taken away from the vocal line voices. Jimin’s voice was so beautiful and he really out-shined the other members in this song. I adore the lyrics of the song. It’s very peaceful and heart-warming. They never disappoint when it comes to much slower songs but still have that extra bass to top it up a notch. I love this song a lot and it’s too beautiful. I cannot wait for the music video, whenever Big Hit drops it. I will never be ready but it’s bound to happen any time soon. God bless.

Track #12 – Epilogue: Young Forever


Rate: 10

Review: I already did a review of this song when it was released. If you want to read it, check it out here. Overall, this is one of my top favorite tracks. Just the vibe of the song, is very calming and heals my ugly soul. Thank you BTS.

CD 2 

Track #5 – House of Cards (Full Length Edition)


Rate: 10

Review: This song be making me feel some type of way now. It’s so good. Like you guys probably know what I mean. Yeah, it’s that good. The extra verse they added in this song, got me blown away again. Jungkook’s voice is so soft and so good. Jimin’s too, like what is going on. I just couldn’t anymore. Jin and Tae’s voice is so beautiful too. I’m in love with this version. God bless the vocal line.

Track #6 – Love Is Not Over (Full Length Edition)


Rate: 10

Review: Okay, but like I am super proud of Jungkook. He composed the song and now there’s a full length version with all the members, and it’s just seriously a blessing. The song was already good, but this just got 10x better. When Namjoon started rapping in the middle of the song, I was dead. I think this song always fitted if there was some rapping going on. And then J-Hope followed along and killed it in his verse. I am in love. Suga’s verse was also very good. I can’t even go any further because all I can say is that it is good and beautiful.

Track #7 – I Need U (Urban Mix) 


Rate: 9

Review: I miss this era so much. When “I Need U” first came out, my soul was gone. The teaser for the “I Need U” music video consist of this audio, and now there’s finally the official audio I’ve been waiting for. It’s so beautiful and I just love ballad and soft Bangtan. Before even the official audio came out, I enjoyed this version, but now since it’s out I guess I wouldn’t say I would listen to it a lot. I love it, definitely, but I think because of the “Run” ballad version, I like that version more. But this version is definitely another good mix of I Need U. It’s beautiful.

Track #8 – I Need U (Remix) 


Rate: 10

Review: WE FINALLY GOT IT! This is the version I’ve been waiting for! This version of “I Need U” was performed at the Melon Music Award 2015 and it was so lit. I wanted an audio to this so bad, and now we finally have it. I just love this so much. You guys do not understand how much I love it. I love that dance break towards the end of the song. It’s so good. I need to learn this dance and I will. The audio is amazing and this mix is my favorite.

Track #9 – Run (Ballad Mix) 


Rate: 10

Review: Now we are talking. I’ve been waiting for this version for so long. I love it so much. The soulfulness of this song and their vocals are so beautiful and it makes me cry. I am going to miss this era so much. “Run” was a beautiful and outstanding song, and this ballad version just tops it all off. Give it some love.

I am going to miss this era a lot. 화양연화 was just beautiful and really helped me with my life in just one year. We got amazing and beautifully made songs about youth and I am going to live this beautiful life with them for a long time. Thank you Bangtan! 


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