[Comeback Review] AKMU

[Comeback Review] AKMU 


Rate 1-10: 8

Review: AKMU IS FINALLY BACK AFTER 2 YEARS! I missed them so much and it’s about time that YG let them come back with a new album. I loved their debut and they both are such a bright and talented duo. However on to their new title track songs. AKMU has come back with a mini album titled, “Spring Vol.1” with two title tracks, “How People Move” and “Re-Bye”. Now when I watched their teasers, I was very excited because I love their music and their style of music. I first listened to “How People Move”, and from the teaser, I was enjoying the sound. However, I guess I would say I didn’t like “How People Move” as much as I thought I would. It had a nice vibe and that kiddish vibe that AKMU really brings in their songs, but I guess I wasn’t just feeling it. Vocals are amazing and maybe some people do like this song, however I just didn’t like it as much. I really enjoyed the music video though because it was vibrant and cheery. Moving on to “Re-Bye”. Now, I definitely enjoyed this song more than “How People Move”. The mischievous sound to it made it so alluring and addicting. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s a groovy song to move along to and their vocals are just so heavenly. The music video was outstanding and creative with the theme of kind of like “princess” like and stuff like that, so it was really enjoyable. I enjoyed this a lot.

I’m really glad that they both are back in the industry. It’s been too long but then Chanhyuk is going to go to the military soon and I’m sad again. I hope he will do well and come back safely so that him and his sister can continue to be a loving and adorable duo that we adore. I hope this comeback will do well and it already has since they were topping the charts!


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